Integrated Payment Processing (IPP)
For Integrated Payment Processing, I undertook a comprehensive branding project encompassing logo design, a brand guidebook, social media profile design and developing trade show collateral. 
The logo design process began with thoroughly exploring the company's core values and market positioning. After several iterations, we crafted a sleek and modern logo that conveyed trust and innovation, aligning perfectly with their brand identity. 
I meticulously compiled a brand guidebook detailing the color palette, typography, iconography, and usage guidelines to ensure brand consistency. This guide serves as a reference point for the client and their partners. 
Lastly, I applied their new identity to their social platforms and produced eye-catching trade show collateral. The collateral included banners, one-sheets, and promotional materials showcasing the brand's new visual identity. The result was a cohesive and compelling brand presence, enabling Integrated Payment Processing to make a lasting impression at trade shows and beyond.​​​​​​​

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